Alessandro Volta: Google celebrates his 270° birthday

Today Google celebrates Alessandro Volta’s 270° birthday (Como, February 18 1745 – Como, March 5 1827).Statua di Volta

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist credited with the invention of the first electrical battery, the Voltaic pile which he invented in 1799.

Born in Como, Italy, he gave his name to the electrical unit ‘volt‘ in 1881. During his tenure at the university, he also discovered and isolated methane gas.

Mark Holmes, the Volta’s Doodler explains: “I swapped out the gauges for the ornamental symbols of Copper and Zinc, swapped out his name for the base elements of the battery, but kept the illuminated letters for artistic license. With one final suggestion to translate the text to Italian the design was done.

I tinkered with different animation timing, finally settling on the letters coming on one at a time to show the increased voltage now that the voltmeters were gone, and saved out different formats for different platforms.”

The city of Como has dedicated  to Alessandro Volta  museums, exhibitions, monuments, streets and schools.

Click HERE to enjoy Volta’s Doodle!

Tempio Voltiano

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