Art & The City: a lively city , Villa Olmo – Como


Art & The City, “A lively city”, is a painting exhibition held at Villa Olmo, a majestic neoclassical villa surrounded by a beautiful garden on Lake Como, from July 18th to November 29th, 2015. It’s been the location of other two interesting famous past exhibitions, which also represented the city theme , “the new city over Sant’Elia” in 2013 and “Portraits of the city” in 2014. This year the city theme will be present Lake Como as an important place for social life.

The exhibition brings together 58 pieces of art …

which  describe an evolving century, from the birth of the modern city through different visual languages.

An overview of major Italian and international artists

Would you like to know some of their names? Warhol, Lichtenstein, De Chirico, Savinio, Christo, H. Newton, Beecroft, Cattelan


In addition, there is a full calendar of activities! Click  HERE



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