Como, a medieval event: Palio of Baradello 2019

You don’t need to be a history buff to be enchanted by the medieval manifestation of Como, the so-called “Palio del Baradello“, a historical celebration that has taken place every year in the city since 1981.

90694_1097839_POZ_6051_8808955_mediumHave you noticed that Como is a city rich in history? Ancient medieval walls, palaces, remains of fortifications and Roman cities. It will be easy to live again the glorious past through this amazing setting!

Get ready, we’re going to start our time machine to let you jump back into the past, around 1159, when Como turned to Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, also known as Frederick Barbarossa, to ask him to put an end to the tyranny of Milan. This alliance became an important moment that needed to be celebrated with festivities, games, tournaments and banquets. The same that relives today!
The symbol of the Palio is Baradello Castle, the “stone sentinel” that stands on the hills of Spina Verde, erected for the defense of Como in 1156, with the permission of Barbarossa.

Castel Baradello, dal blog di ComoLake

Castel Baradello, dal blog di ComoLake


But, what is this “Pallium“? It is an artistic silk drape assigned to the winner at the end of the village games. Here is a series of events:

• Sunday, September 8, at 5pm, the race of Lucie, the traditional Lake Como wooden boats;

• Friday, September 7 at 8:30pm, the  Medieval Banquet, with dishes prepared according to the eighteenth century recipes;

• Saturday, September 14 at 9 pm, the race with wheelbarrows where each of the participants will have to carry a passenger on the old wooden wheelbarrow;
• Saturday, September 14 at 3 pm, the tug of war, which will award the winner village.


Il tiro alla fune, foto del sito ufficiale

Il tiro alla fune, foto del sito ufficiale


The most important event is the  Great Historical Parade that will take place on Sunday, September 16 (there will be more than a thousand participants in the parade!). Do not miss the Bagpipes of Franciacorta, greyhounds, falconers and archers ..

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Cena medievale, foto dal sito uffiale

Cena medievale, foto dal sito uffiale










The Italian National Commission for UNESCO unanimously decided to support Como’s candidacy in the Creative Cities network for the sector “Craft and folk art“, especially for silk.

The other cities proposed for international selection were Biella, Bergamo, and Trieste.

In August or September, the nominations will be evaluated by a panel of experts and representatives of culture and sciences indicated by UNESCO, while official communication will have to wait until the end of November.

The Creative Cities Network promotes cooperation between 180 cities on 5 continents that have identified culture and creativity as strategic factors for sustainable urban development in terms of sharing good practices for the enhancement of historical and cultural heritage. Each city specializes in a particular field, in fact Como is a candidate for “Craft and Folk Art” for silk.

The conference is the most important event where institutions from all over the world meet for a debate on the future of cities in the 21st century. The theme is obtaining the “Ideal City” understood according to the principles of sustainability, resilience, innovation, culture, participation, and historical perseverance.


Como City of Music Festival – XII Edition

This year Como City of Music Festival celebrates 12 years. It is a musical festival on the lake, the water is in fact the symbol of a lively and moving culture.
“ You will find in this edition tradition and new performances, as appreciating the famous Bach’s Cello Suites with two violins at Villa del Grumello waiting for the sunrise” explains Fedora Sorrentino, President of Sociale Theatre of Como/ AsLiCo “from one of Giuseppe Verdi’s most loved and represented scores in the world, to Domenico Modugno’s songs, passing by Morricone, the dance is acrobatics with the Sonics, rock is called Negrita, no party is worthy of the name without dancing.
Como, the Social Theater, the Lake and the whole area will resound with dances – from waltzes to tango – and, thanks to all the means of transport involved, from note to note, from place to place, the festival will be a tangible presence, concrete, in an endless night that remains … ”