Carnival of Schignano : live the authentic traditions of Como

For a traveler who is always looking for an authentic experience like you, the Carnival of Schignano should be certainly marked on your calendar.


Have you ever heard of Schignano? It’s a small village located near Brienno just over half an hour drive from our hotel in downtown Como, it is famous for the carnival parades that annually take place in the squares and streets that run through the town.


You are probably wondering what makes this Carneval so special, aren’t you?

The masks are all hand-carved in wood and show traits of an ancient past of traditions and festivals; they usually represent a character, the poor man and the noble one accompanied by his wife.


The first parade of the Carnival of Schignano is the children parade on 31 January 2016. The main days are the 6 and 9 February 2016 with the parade departure from the main square at 2:30 pm.


We do not want to tell too many things, go and live yourself the surprises that Carnival of Schignano have reserved for you!


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