Como, a beautiful Medieval Procession: Palio del Baradello

Do you like historical reconstructions?

Palio del Baradello

Visit Como and enjoy “Palio del Baradello” that takes place from August 30th to September 20th. This year is even more full of events .

Como is famous for being  Volta’s hometown, the inventor of the electrical battery, and the city of the silk.
Our territory is very rich to explore, there are different historical periods: the remains of the Roman city, a lot of medieval monuments, the superb Renaissance Cathedral and the architectural masterpieces of the Rationalist movement… this is also a good reason to take a stroll downtown!
So, if you have a mind to reserve a room in our hotel in these days you will have a chance to meet the medieval procession led by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa! Wow, does it sound good?

“Palio del Baradello” is the “Thanksgiving” for local people to celebrate the importance of the role played by Barbarossa in the rebirth of Como.
Here is the entire event programme, are you ready to spend a medieval holiday?

Photos by Carlo Pozzoni

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