Cosima Liszt and the bond between Lake Como and music

A gentleman  came at our Front Desk last night, asking if Cosima Liszt, the illegitimate daughter of the Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt, was born in our hotel.

You could read in his eyes a fervid curiosity of a passionate man. He made researches that led him to Como, in Piazza Cavour, where our hotel is situated.

Cosima Liszt was born on December 24th in 1837, in Piazza Cavour, in a hotel once called “Hotel dell’Angelo“. Was it maybe our hotel? the first family owner was Mr. Angelo Cassani, but the management started in 1892, so some years later. It can’t be.

Cosima Liszt

There is no doubt  that we must recognise that this gentleman made a great job by himself, he found and studied some documents that led him here… but he needs our help to solve the puzzle.

A short distance away, if you cross the square, just in front of our hotel, you can find the palace that once was the “Hotel dell’Angelo”.

A lot of people every day take a stroll in the square attracted by the beauty of the surroundings but only a few will notice the plaque on that palace, that now hosts a bank.

A scrupulous eye will read:

The city of Como remembers Franz Liszt and Marie D’Agoult’s stay at the Hotel dell’Angelo, once placed here where the daughter Cosima, later Richard Wagner’s wife, was born on December 24th 1837“.

Cosima Liszt was in fact Franz Liszt’s illegitimate daughter. She was baptized in Como Cathedral on Christmas day in Honor of Lake Como.

After few days Cosima was born, Franz Liszt played at Teatro Sociale (Como Theatre). He made a great concert, performing also improvisations requested by the audience.

Franz Liszt

There are some documents about the Hungarian composer stay at Lake Como:

When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como […] The freshness of the waters dampens the effect of the hot sun, and splendid nights are followed by glittering days“.


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