Daniel Libeskind Como – The Life Electric

Daniel Libeskind: we have already talked about “The Life Electric“, his great artwork designed for Como.


Why Como?

Como influenced Libeskind’s cultural trail since he lived in this city in the 70s as a student and in the 80s with his family.

The Life Electric is a Libeskind’s gift to Como, that he defines to be a “magnificent city that you can’t not fall in love with” and he continues “a unique and extraordinary city, one of the most beautiful in the world. My gift comes directly from my heart“.image

You’ve probably already heard about Daniel Libeskind: he’s one of the main exponents of the “Deconstructivism Movement”, he’s considered a star, or using a very fashionable neologism, a “starchitect”.

Where does the design of “The Life Electric” come from?

The idea” says Libeskind “is to connect the historical significance of this place to the future, the XXI century” and then, addressing to the natives of Como, “I am sure you will appreciate The Life Electric, no doubts about it. It’s the perfect artwork for your beautiful Lake Como“.

The artwork meaning

Libeskind aims to create geometries that can make a strong connection between the sky and mountains arches, two clear elements in Lake Como landscape; the interaction between them produces a power both as a monument geometry and as a metaphor of Volta’s electric power. Click here to watch a quick presentation.


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