Explore Lake Como by boat

Get a move on! The boat is leaving, it seems there’s a queue, as you can see from your room with view on the lake.

Where are you planning to go? Lake Como is full of interesting places to visit all around, picturesque villages and beautiful gardens, it’s like living in a postcard.


Hotel Metropole Suisse in front of Lake Como

The best way to enjoy the lake is certainly by boat. You can appreciate to stay in a location accessible and easily reachable by all means of transport. You just need to cross the road to find the boat landing stage, that’s it, Pier number 4,  in front of the Hotel.

Navigazione Lago di Como is a public transportation: you can buy a return ticket to a specific location on the lake or just purchase a free circulation ticket that is valid all day and it’s perfect if you want to visit different places.  It’s a good chance to relax delighting your eyes with strikingly beautiful overgrown shores, colored houses and splendid villas.

Any “must-see”? We won’t take no notice of Bellagio, know as the pearl of the lake, famous for its fascinating and romantic village, with charming tiny streets surrounded by flowered balconies. Tremezzo is also very nice: if you love ancient villas and huge gardens you will pride yourself for visiting Villa Carlotta!

Isola Comacina is another impressive place, rich in great history and magic atmosphere.

But we won’t disclose other details! You are the director of your experience on Lake Como.

A day on Lake Como: a beautiful story





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