Expo Milano 2015 curiosities : strangest foods!

pesce palla

How curious is your palate?

Puffer fish, crocodiles, scorpions and larvae we’re not talking about an episode of the television series like Bear Gryllsor Wild Chefbut the possibility, yours, to try some unusual dishes that are part of the culture and gastronomic traditions from all around the world.

At Expo Milano 2015 you will have the chance to sample:

The puffer fish: the most poisonous fish in the world and appropriately made edible, for the first time consumed in Italy thanks to a derogation granted to Japan;

Crocodile meat from Zimbabwe;

Chocolate covered scorpions, giant larvae, termites and dehydrated locusts  with vodka from Thailand;

Snake wine from Vietnam.

These and many others will be the “delicacies“, so to speak, for the braver ones!






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