Lake Como Film Festival 2016 – Cinema e Paesaggio

Have you ever thought of watching a good movie in front of a big screen 15 meters wide and 8 meters high with the beautiful atmosphere of Lake Como? You now have the opportunity to do so if you attend the screenings of “Cinema in the Arena”!  It is the fourth edition of the Lake Como Film Festival dedicated to the cinema and landscape of the Como area. Guests are able to choose from eleven incredible films from the most important international film festivals.


The film festival will unfold over a period of five weeks beginning on June 23rd and ending on July 31st, opening with a series of films that involve different locations in the Como area. The heart of the festival will take place at the newfound Sociale Arena Theatre, which is located in the city center of Como. With ten days of international cinema on one of the largest panoramic screens, you should definitely not miss out on this great opportunity! The Festival will move along the beautiful gardens of the Villas on Lake Como and other urban locations.


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