Orticolario: for evolved gardening

Anyone who loves and understands a garden will find true joy there in” (chinese proverb)


Aster Purple in front of our Hotel

This post is for ladies who enjoy gardening or just taking care of their little basil plant on their apartment window, but also for men with a special green thumb. What are we talking about?
If you are in Como from October 3rd to 5th you should visit “Orticolario Exposition: for evolved gardening“.
Easily reachable from our hotel, Orticolario is a homage to gardens and flowers.
The 2014 edition flower is the Aster Purple, usually called here “Settembrino” because of its bloom during the month of September.
Once you know the flower you’ll find out that the sense of this edition will be the smell: “Orticolario will allow visitors to take a journey into the perception of aromas and fragrances in the air and among essences” tells us the official website.

Orticolario presents a beautiful floriculture show in Villa Erba gardens on the banks of Lake Como.
People who provide know-how and sellers from Italian and European regions dialogue with their spectators.
Even this year there is a very rich schedule, full of events,meetings and exhibitions: click HERE to sneak a peak.

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