RistorExpo 2015, “Rallegrare il Pianeta” – LarioFiere Erba

Today takes place the 18th edition of RistorExpo, the show dedicated to catering professionals. This year there is a link to Expo 2015: Cheer the RistorExpo 2015Planet.” The exposition is in fact considering food and nutrition, especially for the meaning of  food for the spirit.

The event is held in Erba, at LarioFiere, from 15 to 18 February. The program is full of events: workshops, seminars and internships so many training opportunities for professionals and young people. Click here to take a look!

Beside the food you cannot certainly miss WineExpo with its large choice of wines from all regions of Italy and abroad.

Among the special guests, Bruno Barbieri, starred chef, judge of Masterchef Italy 4 !!

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